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Better Late Than Never!

After an unavoidable delay (see my April 14 post, "The Big Wind") our world famous melons are hitting the farmers' market table today (eh, a little hyperbole never hurt anyone)! The first melons to show up will be our Cavaillon melons with Arava melons likely to available at this weekend markets (check out the Farmers' Market page).  Shortly thereafter, we will have available Ananas, Ogens (check out the photo below clipped from the produce industry paper, The Packer), and market favorites, Sugar Queen melons.  

This particular crop of melons is particularly near and dear to my heart.  After the first transplants were literally blown away, we babied these melons like nobody's business.  I even got my son to help prep the field for irrigation and brave southern San Joaquin heat to hand cultivate the pesky pigweed (brutal stuff!).

So, wait no longer, summer is about to begin at a farmers' market near you!