Melons of the Week


This week we have two more melons new to the market: The Ogen and Baby Canary.

The Baby Canary melon is bright yellow, with not netting on the outside, and white flesh inside.  It has a very small seed cavity and is super sweet.  Really.  It is one of the sweetest melons we carry.  It almost tastes like eating a melon with sugar on top.  These are great for fruit salad.

The Ogen melon is originally from Israel.  It is yellow with green stripes on the rind and has green flesh inside.  Sometimes we call them "tropical melons" because they kind of taste like a guava.  They are very juicy and when they are ripe they become soft like an avocado.


Mo' Melons!

Arava Melons
Piel de Sapo Melons

Hey everyone.  This week we are going to focus on two new melons: the Arava and the Piel de Sapo.  The Piel de Sapo is a Christmas type melon, which means it is a great keeper.  It is a green fleshed melon that is very sweet and kind of crunchy.  It will continue to ripen off the vine, so you can let it sit on the counter for awhile.  The Aravah is a type of Galia melon.  It is also green fleshed with yellow netting all around.  It is so sweet that it is also referred to as an Israeli honeydew.

So come out to the markets this weeks to try this awesome melons.


The Melons are Coming! The Melons are Coming!

Finally, they are back!  Weiser Family Farm melons are back!

This week we have two varieties: The French Orange and the Arava.  

Let me explain what you should look for when picking these melons at the market:



The French Orange is a small orange fleshed melon that tastes like an intense cantaloupe.  If there is a nice warm orange color under the netting then the French Orange is ready to eat!  You also want to make sure that when you smell the top of the melon (where it was pulled from the plant; the stem side) it smells sweet.  That is always a good sign.




The Arava is green fleshed and is really sweet like sugar.  With the Arava, you want it to be a nice yellow color under the netting.  You also want to look and make sure the netting is evenly spread all over the melon.  And when ripe, these melons are very fragrant, so give it a sniff at the top as well.



Show Everyone How Much You Dig Potatoes

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The Purple and Gold lives on!

Laker Bakers: From flower to tableI came across these spuds a few years back at the Kern County Potato Trial.  Their unique purple and gold color combination impressed me immediately.  Luckily, the seed potato breeder was standing by.  He told me that while the potato wasn't commercially available, we could field and market test it if we so desired.  We jumped at the chance and the rest is history.  Last weekend, they made their (hopefully) triumphant return and we can't be any more excited to have them back.  And their beauty isn't just skin deep. They are a creamy textured potato that can be used in almost anyway.  They are great for mashing, roasting, and of course baking.  You have to try these because people will definitely be talking about them.  Try them this week at any of our farmer's markets.