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Menu Minuet Panel Event

This week I had the honor of being on a panel discussion, titled "Menu Minuet" with Chefs Akasha Richmond, Mark Peel, and fellow farmer Romeo Coleman, at the Santa Monica Public Library.  We had an enthusiastic discussion about farming, seasonal produce, and the challenges of menu planning.  Moderating was Jonathon Gold, Puliitzer Prize winning writer for the LA Weeekly.  In the packed  MLK auditorium were many familiar happy faces from the Farmers' markets. We sat down and talked and shared our passions for the food that we grow and eat.  Chefs stressed how important it is to use food seasonally at it's peak.  Once that was unanimously agreed on, we celebrated about how for 12 months a year California farmers have the best, most flavorful diverse produce in the country, if not the world and how forutnate we are to have this Mediteranean climate.  

We also reminisced about the early days of the Santa Monica Farmers Markets and how it has evolved over the years.  With Farmers and Chefs continually callaborating on seasonal menus, it has really transformed what we grow and offer to all and what has been created this wonderful symbiotic relationship.  They depend on us and we depend on them.   The time just flew by!   We could have talked about fresh produce all night.  At end of the discussion, the audience recieved delicious seasonal treats from the Chefs. What a great time!  It's such a pleasure to farm, grow good food for flavor and for a community that really appreciates it. Thanks for all the love and support. 


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