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LA Specialty Event!

Mix together two buses full of the area's finest chefs, a generous portion of spirits, and a crisp but comfortable Fall day and what do you get? What you get is a rockin' good time at Weiser Family Farms, that's what! Last Monday, October 18, the good folks at LA Specialty brought along 70 or so of their bestest friends to our Tehachapi Fields for a day of Fall frolic.

A few light showers threatened to put a damper on things but miraculously, the weather eased a bit as the bus loads of happy revelers arrived at the farm. Soon after their arrival, Alex took everyone on a brief tour of the farm, showing everyone the Fall crops that we are harvesting or soon will be harvesting. In fact, most of our guests took the opportunity to dig up a bounty of parsnips, nantes and purple haze carrots, watermelon radishes, and crosnes. Believe it or not, many folks also had the chance to pick some ripe Fairtime peaches still on the tree!

Soon after walking through a field of Romanesco cauliflower and Red Rubine brussel sprouts, we all hopped back on the buses for a scenic drive through the rolling hills and oaks of Tehachapi to the Cummings Valley location where our crew was busy at work harvesting Purple Peruvian and Rose-Finn Apple fingerlings. Knowing a good thing when we see it, we handed our free labor (uh, welcomed guests) shovels and we all dug up some Swedish Peanut potatoes, "old school" style.

After getting all our hands dirty and enjoying the valley views, we all got back on the buses and drove to Brites Valley Lake recreational area. There, Wolfgang Puck catering had waiting a delicious lunch featuring crops from who else, Weiser Farms. Everyone had a good time, eating, chatting, and playing volleyball and horseshoes as the camp fires blazed and a local musician played on.

Many thanks to LA Specialty for putting on such a great event, and bringing our chef friends to our Farm, and for the many years of supporting our Family Farm. We look forward to having you come back soon!

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